Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Trawl Theory

I've been trying, for 3 weeks now, to get some little work tasks done during the weekend. Given that it's only been barely 2 months into the work grind, I still have a lot of filing, organizing, record keeping to do. I keep thinking I can do these small tasks during the weekends. I'd like to think that that's when I'll find my quiet place and my 'quiet' away from the busy office bustle. But NO. FB gets in the way. Twitter gets in the way. Mindless things like MorphThing get in the way. I sit down, open my work lappy, with all intents of doing 'work' but Safari gets in the way. Once I open the pages, the Gmail-Twitter-FB combo, there's no turning back. Next thing I know, it's waay beyond bedtime, I'm just super sleepy with just enough energy to slink into jammies. Tapos, knockout na. Hahaha.

One thing I noticed from my 3 weeks of failed attempts at working is this -- the mindlessness and the uselessness of an internet activity is directly proportional to its entertainment value. Let's call this the "Trawl Theory". Makes sense yeah? Hahaha!
Anyhoo, one of my favorite favorites is this thing in Morphthing. It's very mindless, more importantly, its infinitely useless. You put up a photo of yourself and "make babies" with other fotos in the site. So fresh from TF3, it's just got to be Shia. In all fairness, I think we make pretty good "babies" together :P Hahaha!
Here is my and Shia's "baby":
Right right? Hahaha! Okay, I think this is my Sunday dose of vanity. With this out of the way, cross your fingers with me I get some work done :)

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