Thursday, September 10, 2009

So 09-09-09 huh?

There's something about this day that was supposed to be lucky, the same way 08-08-08 last year was supposedly super lucky according to number enthusiasts. Not that I believe it or anything, but I just didn't expect too much hassle on this supposedly "lucky" day. Ahente tells her story.

So yesterday was errand Wednesday. Not entirely a smart idea to be shuttling from the South to the North in the same day, but yeah um, just did. Crazy route schedule follows. Step 1, take SLEX, then service road to Taguig. All this while afternoon classes for grade school and high school kids have been happily cancelled. Now that I think about it, I don't think it was exactly a smart idea to be running around the Metro while bagyong Maring was in raging fury. For the young and naive, it was just a "fun and really cold day" but I would think real grownups would call it um, un-smart *cough stupid. Step 2, go straight to the north via EDSA and visit the boundary of Maynila and QC. Ooh, step 1.5, exercise your heart by causing it to palpitate while watching your fuel gauge go blink blink while you traverse the seemingly endless C5 and fret about how you can gas up when there is no cash in your wallet and there is no way you're braving the ATM in rains pouring heavily like that. But yeah, kid finds ways, so woot woot :)

I should just say, no lunch break for hardworking kid! And this is where all the action begins. From QC, I go to Cainta, stopping by a nearby Mcdo to grab a caramel sundae, justifiably so because I didn't have lunch -- at least no sit down lunch, but I had medium fries, i just like playing up hunger :P So kid gets all excited diggin into the delicious caramel sundae, puts it down on the cup holder and goes on driving. One more look at the cup and ooh, there still are caramel smudges on the sides of the cup, prolly wouldn't hurt to scrape it all clean. Kid takes too long looking at the bottom of the cup, forgets driving for a wee bit and oh, itsa Lancer in front, and whaaat, I almost rear-ended it. Thank you dear Lord I missed it even just by a hairline. Odd thing was, what I worried about more that paying for the damaged front and back bumpers. I got really eep-ed out thinking about my answer for when my boss asks me why I hit the poor little Lancer's rear bumper -- Um, sorry boss I was scraping the last of my caramel sundae so I got distracted. Diba?

One's never enough, so let's get to the two other hassle stories of 09-09-09. Heaved sigh of relief for the non-occurence of the rear-ender, grateful the front bumper's all good. Oh wait, what I scraped the hub caps? Oh yes, I did. I was waiting for the security guards at this company to issue my ID pass, so I tried parking the car. Damn, cement stepsss. Now the front right caps come with tiger stripes and they're not pretty.

Third and last, my Shang parking trifle. Am not a Shang regular so I got a little confused with the elevated parking. Kid gets in, finds her way to slot, goes inside the mall buys things on her list, and then goes back to the car. Now the tricky part is getting out. I was looking around intently like an idiot trying to find my way out when I didn't notice that I drove past the ticket booth. The carpark guard had to flag me and tell me I forgot to pay. Oyeh, imagine my embarrassment. it would've been funny with friends, but when you're all alone, it's just um, stupid and un-funny.

That's the 09-09-09 story.

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