Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Weekend: I Like :)

This week was a pretty stressful week. In terms of tasks and brain activity, this week would be on top of the imaginary ranking of work weeks. It doesn't exactly help that there was no gratification of any sort gotten from this week's client calls. I just wasn't working it. So since very early this week, my head was already in the weekends. I just wanted to sleep it all off, snuggle in bed, maybe watch FRIENDS, and try to shut off work for a while.

But hey, somehow things managed to put themselves together and I have all these things to go to :) Gad, I just wanted to see other people and talk about myself (heehee) and share a good laugh. So, yay for PV making it a hobby to fly to Manila on regular basis.

Dinner at Pasto, Fort

Friday with PV and Friends
This dinner almost didn't push through. PV was um, out of reach. P was waiting by 6750 for for Rach to hitch to Fort. Rach was apparently waiting for PV, makiki-hitch din daw sya to Fort. Which brings us back to PV, who was nowhere to be found. And me? I was sitting by the car inside Eastwood parking, eating leftover cookies, waiting for someone to go to Fort so I don't have to wait alone -- which defeats my purpose cos well, I am sitting by the parking lot waiting by myself. PV almost cancelled cos he was already super sleepy, P almost headed to Timog to meet other friends, Rach I think almost fell asleep sa house, and I almost headed home. So long story short, PV resurfaced back to the telecom world, I left Eastwood, and everyone started moving. We all got to Fort at 11-ish, by which time we were all sleepy.

Thank God we were all attention hogs. By the time we were all seated, everyone wanted all the airtime to themselves! It got all chaotic in the table and well, all the drowsiness went away. At least for a while. Sorry to the other patrons who found us too rowdy and/or noisy :P We had a little too much life and/or work life and/or career issues to keep it all calm and cool and collected. Sorreee.

Then Saturday. Ran errands because I'm gunning for employee of the year :P Went to meet Carlo to get the cookies which were unbelievably good! Not a fan of crispy cookies, now Imma convert. He gave us thin and crispy cookies that were chewy. Sarappp! then headed home after. Ate a quick lunch and tried to sleep of a headache. Went to bed at 3PM. Dude, woke up at 6AM the next day! That's what I call restful slumber :)

UAAP Cheerdance Sunday!
Then Sunday. Woke up to a text from Mahal quoting me an insane price for patron tickets for the UAAP cheerdance compet. Some texts, some calls, and then I am taking a bath rushing to go to Mahal's. Good call :)

Warming up!
Front and center, baby!
Amazing crowd, as always :)
Thank you, for finding us tickets! You'da best :)

I said I was looking for a high. This may have been the adrenaline rush I was looking for, maybe. UP may have lost, but yeah I guess it's still all good. It's just that times like non-victory err, loss make you think. UP Pep may have lost but you still get envious of that something that they have for what they do. They cried over winning third place only because they found something they'd give their all to. Hay. Maybe I should write a separate entry for this.

But yeah, the almost-foiled dinner and the UP third place thingum notwithstanding, this weekend was outstanding :)

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