Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank You, Sweet!

Thank you Sweet for being that person from 10 years ago, who always reminds me how it is to be happy and carefree and trusting. Thank you for being that someone who reminds me how it is to be 17 again :)

At Promenade after "Just Go With It"
aka the-DEYM-Hawaii's-so-friggin-pretty movie :)

(um, ew sa double chin - kaso eto lang picture namin eh. Hahaha)

You have no idea how much that Wednesday date did for me! I am not kidding, I literally felt the heaviness from my shoulder go away :) Thank you for listening and being that other "only child" who gets it gets it. You don't know how much it means to me, thank you.

Thank you for bringing back that giddy feeling inside only old friends are able to give you. Cheers to many more stupid stories and grown up issues and everyday things. Cheer's to milestones and to achievements and to heartaches and heartbreaks we will weather, hopefully together.  Here's to many many many more years of friendship. You know I love you :)

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