Monday, May 16, 2011

It's You Again, Non-Phantom Person

15 May 2011
As much as I’d like to not admit it, I spent considerable time this week waiting for {insert favorite day} to come.

I got to {insert place} a little before 1PM. I went to my usual parking lot and who should I see marching towards the open lot but {insert name}. As I was backing up {insert name} was making his way to his car, parked incidentally in the same lot. I smile to myself and thought, how’s that for waiting all week?

As I watched him walking, I apparently said out aloud, “Did I really like this guy?”

I was looking at him and he just looked painfully shy, although I know he wasn't. He looked unsure to me, too, although I know he wasn't. All of I sudden, I wondered to myself if this was the guy I wrote a boatload of random stuff in word documents about. It just oddly felt like another person.

I put all my things together, dabbed on my smudging eyeliner, put a little bit more blusher, and made my way out. I enter {insert fast food} and I see him there in {insert where he was}. He immediately says something about which table I could take. I settle down in one of the booths, and make sure I can see him from where I was seated.

We never made conversation that day. Well two, if a "hey" and a "I'll leave my computer here yeah?" counts. I never saw any of the awesome things I thought he was that day. He felt like a totally different person from the one I remembered a week ago.

Yeah, I think there is the real live {insert name} and my phantom person. Two different people. Oh well. I’ll see him again {insert day when I'll see him again}. Let’s see how that pans out.

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