Sunday, May 29, 2011

What Do You Like In A Boy?

"What do you like in a boy?"

If I were given a hundred pesos for every time this question is thrown at me, I can probably get me new a iPhone. Haha that's a stretch, but you get the drift. When people find out that I'm single and not dating, they feel compelled to run up their list of boys and try to match them to the boy that I will be describing.

The thing is, every single time I am thrown this question, I find myself just looking out the window and spacing out. The words choke me out. (It doesn't really help that on one of the times I was asked this, the boy I wanted to describe was seated across me, so I most definitely choked. If that's not awkward, I'm not sure what iz). For some reason, I am drowned in embarrassment and I feel a little too naked to be talking about THE boy.

So this time, I'm writing this down. Next time I get asked, I will come prepared. Also, this is me throwing it out there that this is THE boy that I like. I trust in the powers that will eventually (hopefully sooner than later) bring me and this boy together. Naks!

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Let's get to the boy in question. Even when I choked the last time, this much I was able to say - he has to be tall, and taller than me even when I'm in heels. Broad shoulders are a must and hopefully he is well-built, too. I remember having this conversation with a friend about how big girls always like men that are bigger than them. I think it's this perennial paranoia that has to do with your your boy being to envelope you and make you look like a small, can-pass-for-a-damsel-in-distress kinda girl.

I want a scruffy boy. Much as this is getting all nit-picky, since I'm throwing this out there, then might as well. I want THE boy to be good looking enough to pull off the "dirty look" -- requisite 5 o'clock shadow and that easy, I-didn't-think-about-this-but-I-look-put-together kinda style. Heee. Oh, and he has to look smashing in a pullover. (Okay, I think the boy I like now is falling off from my THE boy list! :p haha)

My boy has to be able to talk well. I am sucker for great conversations and if you can't give me that, that would be a deal breaker. I've tried hanging out, not necessarily on a date, with really pretty boys who can't carry their own on small witty banters and I really found myself turned off. Apparently, I can tolerate less-pretty-but-witty than I can tolerate pretty-but-no-wit. Great conversations are a must.

I also want someone who is someone his family and friends will vouch for and say is a good person. I've known quite a lot of people and those generally well-vouched for are usually the ones that have a good grip on their values. I can't be with someone who does things just because they're cool. I guess 24 (or older) is just too old to be doing things that way. I need someone who can stand his ground and who knows, or at least has a good idea, of why he's doing what he's doing.

I need someone fun and can be spontaneous. I've lived all my life always walking on the safe side and always being scared of breaking the rules. I'm too scared of breaking the rules I end up going about day in and day out just thinking about the rules. I'm not saying I want someone who is a rule-breaker. What I'm saying is I want someone who knows the rules, knows how to play the rules, and knows how to toe the boundaries. Because yeah, if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space :p

I want someone that's fun to travel with. Or better yet, I want someone that's just fun to be with.  I know I'm having fun when I have no care for whatever's around me or wherever I am. If things around me stop to matter, then I'm having the best time :) I need someone who can make me feel that.

I need someone who wants to take care of me. That's never really been my strong suit but I'm working on it. So in the meantime that I'm a work in progress, I hope THE boy takes care of that department. And well, even when taking care of people becomes my strong suit, I still want THE boy to take care of me.

There will be more things I like in a boy. Maybe one post just isn't enough :p Oh, and before I forget, THE boy's hand should feel just right to the hold. This I don't know how to describe, but I'm pretty sure when we get there, I will just know :)

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