Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dreaming in Detail aka My Road to Writing Superstardom

This morning I woke up around 5ish, in my still very dark bedroom and the cold Christmas-y morning air. My drearm, a very vivid one, came to an abrupt end. I was smiling when I woke up and seriously thought to myself, "I should really write this down, this may be the next 'Twilight' and my foray into writing superstardom" Yes, I think these thoughts at 5 in the morning :p

(Random sidebar re Twilight and Stephanie Meyer. I know Twilight is one of the most detested movies of all time but I found an interesting story about its author, Ms. Meyer, the other day. She apparently was a receptionist who dreamt of someday writing a novel. She was 28 and already had 3 kids. One day she dreamt a vivid dream that had vampires and werewolves and some weird inter-species love affair. She wrote her novel and wrote 15 proposal letters to 15 different publishing houses. she got 9 rejections, 5 no replies, until finally Writer's House decided to buy the rights to her book. She refused a lump sum USD750K payment and opted for a royalties-based payment scheme. The Twilight series has sold over a few million copies and earned over a billion in box office. Suffice it to say, Ms. Meyer's weird dream has her now swimming in unbelievable fortune, thanks to her audacity. There's that, now back to MY reality)

I remember pretty much every detail to my dream when I woke up this morning. Now just a few hours after when I sat down to write about it (in the hopes of coming up with another 'Twilight') I have very little idea what went on in the dream. This is me trying to piece it together.

I was on a writing camp, of course with several other writers. It was in an out of town sprawling property with pretty houses, surrounded with beautifully manicured lawns. The characters in the story were all interesting to me, all very witty, all have interesting opinions about the things I like, which is mostly TV and movies. In a nutshell it was 'dream team' of sorts to me haha. There as this one really tall guy, let's call him Tall Guy, in the group (you know it was going this direction) who I noticed since the beginning of the dream. I thought he was too pretty for me so I never really bothered. (Shet, even in my own dreams I have self-esteem issues!)

Somehow the group found itself in a car and Tall Guy (as dreams go) was seated across me (what kinda car exactly we were driving and how we can sit across each other kinda boggles me, too). Out of the blue, Tall Guy randomly says to me, "I've always thought you were beautiful" #ForTheWIN (This is turning out to be too much of a Kate Hudson romcom)

Then we end up talking the day away. He likes TV and movies, he likes reading, he's witty (he probably sounds bland and generic in this description but believe me, Tall Guy was really fascinating in the dream). Tall Guy is/was such a doll. THEN I WOKE UP.

To try to finish the dream/story (or my Twilight-in-the-making) I thought up some reason to make it exciting. I live in Baguio and he lives in uh, Davao? So we can't be together? That's uh, new.

Okay maybe this dream isn't my 'Twlight'. Haha.

(On the upside though, Tall Guy telling me he thought I was pretty, kinda made my day. Okay, now I feel weird announcing that on this blog. Blush. Haha. Well, dream is maybe no Twilight or ticket to writing superstardom, but I could always use a happy thought. Hmm, I wonder if that means I'll be meeting Tall Guy any time soon? :)

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