Thursday, December 08, 2011

Lila with the Golden Eyes

So last night I was trawling Facebook and I found this:

Mystery "J" writing to a certain "Lila with the Golden Eyes"

A mystery "J" was writing to a certain "Lila with the Golden Eyes" in the hopes of meeting her again. If the novelty of this thing is somehow lost in translation, let me flesh it out for you. "J" wrote to "Lila with the Golden Eyes" but putting up this tarp in one of the (beautifully manicured) lawns of the Ateneo campus in the hopes of meeting lady love again. They met at a party, talked about random cute things, but our poor boy failed to get the girl's number. The conversation meant so much to him he had to do THIS.

The cynic in me is going all "Weh?" but the closet romantic is winning -- and openly gushing. This feels like something straight out of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie! *kilig*

I wonder who "Lila with the Golden Eyes" is? Did she gush as much as I did? Did she realize this was for her?  Did she find if adorable or was she appalled? I'm rooting for J!

Oh the joys of finding that one that gets your brand of weird :)

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