Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Kid, You Are Now 25 :)

Hello. I am Kat and I am 25 years old.

It still feels a little surreal saying. Hee. In my head, the years stopped counting after I turned 23. I want to talk about 25 is both exciting and scary to me. I want to talk about what I think my year 25 means. But not yet. For now, I'll share one of the most wonderful things I received for my birthday last Monday.

I got an email from my 24-year-old self :)

I apparently wrote myself an email on September 14, 2011 and intended to send it on my 25th birthday. I totally forgot about it and it was a wonderful surprise when I opened my email and read it.

I'm sharing it here in hopes of sharing my joy and well-wishes for myself. Maybe my message will resonate with you as well. Don't laugh okay? :p


Dear FutureMe,

Happy birthday! See turning 25 isn't so bad after all, right? I'm pretty sure you are awesome-ing right now and feeling super loved in the arms of this equally awesome (and super cute) boy who surprised you for your birthday :) Plus your Mum and Dad are also very happy to see you very happy! So there's so much love going around!

I am writing this as a 24-year old that is 5 months away from turning 25. You were going a little crazy and the paranoia is sometimes funny but mostly it bothers. What were you scared for? It's all gonna be good. See how things turned out?

Now you are happy and things will just keep getting better from here. Not to say no more rough sailing from here. What I meant is that you are such a "big" person you are now more able to roll with the punches and still come out super! You are a "big" person but are also a really good-looking 120-lb little lithe lady! Way to go, woman!

I guess that's how things really work. You are put through some pretty ugly things so you come out extra tough and enjoy the beauty of the peace even more :)

I am writing you now as this person from 5 months ago who was seriously worried when things will start looking up. But looking at you, you tell me that all that shit you actually went through and ~thought you went through are worth it.

I wish you more love and happiness and more moments that give you that beautiful experience of wide-eyed wonder :) Live a great life!

24-year old Kat


The super awesome boy has yet to come. And the weight has yet to go (okay okay, I will go back na to running! haha). But I think the insight is a gift.

Here's to more years, more adventures, and the awesome boy haha. Cheers! 

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