Friday, March 09, 2012

Boats and Birthdays

I've been itching for write for a while. But yeah, my TV shows keep winning in the battle for my time. I know I said to be more diligent about writing but... yeah, no excuses. I just haven't been very diligent. With writing. And with my resolve to run. Haha.

Anyhoo, with all that out of the way, here are some of the things I resolve to write about. Too fun not to remember!

My Happy 25th Birthday Party!
Close to 40 of my dear friends trooped to the house to celebrate my year 25 with me and my family! Plus saw the (almost complete!) high school barkada after way too long! Sneak peek!

Birthday ko, kelangan may solo pic :p
So happy to see the gang againnn :)

I Did Not Know I Wanted a Boat Until THIZ
Kaizen Dream Tour for the year got leveled up! JCL for the win again, SEA Expo @ One Esplanade. I got to see a yacht up close and feel the smooth and inviting body of very pretty boat! Left us in bad wanting! Never did I think I'd want a boat. EVER. Until this. Haha. Parang true love lang. Sneak peek!

Chai and Su getting all excited with their boat
Me feeling not preppy enough haha

 Now the challenge is this: what to name your boat? The bar has been set very high by none other than Bobby Cobb of Cougar Town. His boat's name? "JEALOUS MUCH?"

How the frak to top that? Haha. What do you think of "Trinket Trinket Little Star Cruises"? Hahaha, whaddup street cred!

Til the next writing binge!

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