Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dan in Real Life saves the day :)

I've been chasing the happy high (no worries, not through narcotics haha) for a while and always been coming up empty handed. Last night, girl got a break :)

I was decided on spending a quiet evening at home to finish my current book which I've been reading for 3 weeks already. (Btw, great book, will write on a separate post.) I put the book down for a while, took a break and started with just fixing stray files on a random folder on the laptop. I ended up going full on OC on my music folder file.

I started playing some audio files to identify which folders to put them to. Next thing I know, I was on a trip down musical memory lane! It was amazing how much feelings and memories are ever so vividly brought back by a familiar song :)

I tinkered with a folder labeled "Dan in Real Life Soundtrack". (Sidebar: I LOVED that movie bigtime. I went through a phase in college when the only movies/books that I thought were cool were the ones with sad endings. Angsty was my favorite word then haha.)

I played this song "Modern Nature" song by Sondre Lerche. I forgot how much I LOVED Sondre Lerche! Back then, it was like stumbling into musical goldmine - they were a super obscure musical act, they made a soundtrack to a relatively unknown movie, and their music actually sounded great. It was slow, and fluffy, and heartfelt, and sad, and the just the right amount of pop and country. And just all kinds of cool!

I closed my eyes for a bit and it was like 5/6 years ago! I had an iPod Shuffle back in college and I would always have my earphones on on my commute to and from school. When the song played, it was like I was brought back to THAT time when I was 19! That time when I was in college and felt super cool and super smart and super certain. Life was good then. I LOVED 19. 19 was a great age.

I didn't expect the surge of happiness that the music brought. I also found music from Sponge Cola and Silent Sanctuary circa '07, that Toploader song "Dancing in the Moonlight", The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" (my ALL TIME favorite song), Bloc Party's "This Modern Love", One Tree Hill and HIMYM music (Nada Surf's "Always Love" FTW!), and my ultimate release-your-anger song, Moonpools and Caterpillar's "Soon." These were the songs I had playing day in, day out through the tail end of college. Good times.

I had to make a Let Me Make You Smile mix :) haha. Thank you great music.

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