Sunday, June 05, 2011

I Hope Our Kids Are As Weird As Us

Photo credit: PostSecret

No kids on the way, no plans of kids in the near future, and I guess most relevant of all is that, no baby daddy -- at the moment :p

I saw this as the first postcard on this week's PostSecret and I thought it was a cute thought. I want that for me. The hope is that I marry a guy that's sweet and smart and funny and quirky :) I want him to be the right amount of quirky I'd want our kids to be weird/quirky/kooky/characters like us, too. This is a pretty faraway thought from my reality today but it's cute to toy with the idea. Makes me smile thinking about it.

I know my Lord knows my heart. I know I am made for love. I know that one day I'll be given my gift and it'll be (quirky) and super awesome :) Can't wait!

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