Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Things I Should Do

Someone has a little (too much) surplus of time (or made-up idle time)

Finish "People Buy You"
I've had that book open for over a month. And I thought I was on track on my 'One Book, One Month' rule. Last 20-something pages shouldn't be so tough. Lest I shove it back to the shelf unfinished, along with the five other books I started and didn't finish.

Start watching my saved episodes of "Undercover Boss"
Caught the '7-Eleven' episode a few months ago and realized that this is pretty good TV. The kind you actually learn something from (for business) and not just idle 30mins where your brain kinda goes into coma and leaves the "laugh" and "applause" functions on. I downloaded 5 episodes (in true hoarders fashion) and haven't touched it since. I LOVE my tv and I told myself I should at least get something more from it (other than witty lines to blog about haha)

Watch "Suits" Pilot

3 TV friends actually gave good reviews for "Suits". It's an hour long so it kinda turns off that ADD kid in me #nothighonprioritylist

Finish my PSP

PSP = Personal Success Plan. It's an activity from the last Boot Camp where you plot out your life for the next 5 years. It's daunting and scary and exciting. I started with the words already but 3 weeks after the camp, I never got around to actually finishing it.

Print out Dream Book
Inspired by the Bo Sanchez tip to write out your dreams, I started a Dream Journal about a year ago. It still has blanks but some parts I had all made out in vivid word color. I think I must have forgotten some of them cos I haven't gone back to it in a really long time. Time to whip out the pages lest I forget about them.

Write a Book Sequence
I hoarded books last January. The group made a good deal with the publishers we were able to get Book Sale prices for brand new, fresh off the presses books! What's a nerd to do but buy all of them! I think I at least owe that to all the book worms of the world :) I think I got around 8 books. I've read 3 of them, I think. My goal is to finish off all the books before the year ends, with room for 2 more.

Watch One Movie Every Sunday
My episodes of movie downloading binges have resulted into a hard drive with a very big collection of movies. I have a lot of good movies saved but (blame it to the ADD, hehe) I never seem to reduce this list.


 Why I turned this supposed to-do list into a blog entry baffles even me.

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