Thursday, September 13, 2007

feeling shxtty

i have no plans of animal crap-ping (okay, lets quit the euphisms. all i meant by the animal allusion is bullshxt. verb form, thas bullsxhxt-ting for you) my way out of things. if i sound like i am, my apologies. thas me sending that out to anyone who i gave the impression that i was smar aleck-ing all this time. i am not. okay, even if i sometimes look like i am.

i dont know what hapened, how i became this can of cliches. i feel really bad about picking a New York Times' bestseller for a favorite book, sounding like a broken Dr. Phil record and making anyone within conversational distance feel like s/he is in an Oprah interview. i didn't realy intend that -- it just comes out like that and i hate eeet. i fel like a blonde bimbo (except that i dont look the part exactly). maybe i dont read enough. maybe what you become is a contingecy of your situation *feeling socio10* haha. whatevs -- omg, i cant believe i just used that. *gags*

i feel baad. not exactly depressedbad. more like ithinkicouldhavedonebetterbad. pft.

gah. wit and brevity. wit and brevity. wit and brevity. wit and brevity. *maybe if i write it enough, i can be witty and brief. sigh*

happy Thursday tomorrow :D *forced smile - atleast for now. tom it'll be really genuine i wont even be able to help eeet* oooh btw, i'll do some mean stalking tom :P


  1. oh well, at least you won in MME. congratulations!!! am not sure if i congratulated you already e.hehe.

  2. well, people "animal crap". thats how you move on and get on life. hahaha! life's all about it. so smile and continue animal crap-ping. bwahhaha! ;)

  3. haha, rach wellspring of wisdom :P


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