Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's Call You Benetton

So there's this boy. He goes the gym. He has no friends so he hangs out with his personal trainer. That's this boy in a nutshell. And ooh, he does handstands beautifully!

Why do we care about this boy again? Well for starters he's cute. And then he's super likeable -- at least from afar :P AND AND he holds these staring contests with me.

So this boy, let's call him Benetton. A month into the staring contests and I still don't know his name. I tried asking around but to no avail. Popular gym kid, fail :P We call him Benetton because of the colorful jerseys he wears to the gym in um, Benetton colors. Think yellow and red and green and orange and sometimes two at the same time. Actually before Benetton, it was Brazil. But Benetton rolls of the tongue better :)

It all started one lazy Sunday afternoon, I was walking by the lounge after yoga class. I was scoping for friends, deciding whether to get water or orange soda or coffee and shaking off the yoga
pagod all at the same time. And then there was this boy who stared. It was flattering, the stare, cos he was cute. A few Sundays after, still the same staring spree. Then Sundays turned to Mondays, then Wednesdays, and then Fridays. He finally registered into my consciousness as the cute guy who stares. And then he became the guy I look for when I hit the gym.

It's been fun. It's the kind of fun that comes with cute butterflies fluttering about in your tummy and blushing and school girl giddiness. I never get used to staring, I get giddy every single time. The fun-nest part is when you feel that someone is looking at you, you turn around and you see the one you like staring back at you. And for me, that's you Benetton :) Hahaha. I also think his uncanny resemblace to Gabe Bondoc gets me extra giddy. The real deal Gabe's all the way in Cali, but hey fret not, my very own local "Gabe" is here -- no guitar in hand but hey, he does headstands :P
I love it that he looks all nice and clean and mabango. Most of all he 'looks' smart. In the month or so of the staring contests I my have attributed so many things to create this swoon boy. In my head he's some UP Engineering dude who sings in his spare time, has weird interests like maybe collecting original albums of cool indie bands, and makes really interesting conversations. Yeah, there's a mascot in my head and it's name is Benetton.
Enter clincher. I had a nagging suspicion he might be gay. And ooh, one team mate ever so casually confirmed that he IS. Heart break.

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